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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Embracing Fashion Trends - Coloured jeans

OK...before I post this I want you all to know that I very rarely fully embrace fashion trends

a. because they are sooo transient
b. they can be costly
c. you simply blend into the fashion heard

...but, I hate to say it, the trend has got me and I've been completely seduced by coloured skinny jeans! I am a big fan of denim and have already posted of the virtues of my favourite brand, Cheap Monday. I tend to wear jeans under all my dresses and long tops, finding them a far more substantial option than leggings. So imagine my delight when the High Street began to produce a rainbow of coloured jeans, to compete with the leggings. Now I am feeling a slight fashion glutton, as today I bought 3, yes THREE pairs. I fear the reason behind my colour choices has a deep base in my psyche - I used to live in France and teach French, so my jeans are actually an "hommage" to Le Tricolore, (although some may argue I am simply revealing my love of the Union Jack!).

So, I hate being a follower but I find myself worshiping the coloured jean! I shall do my up-most to add diversity in the rest of my look. Many people are advising on this trend, even The Times has produced its own guide to working the look. The main reason I'm feeling a little smug - all these pairs cost me less than £100. So if this trend is short lived, I'll be able to cope and will continue to wear these jeans in my own way, without needing High Street approval! The red and white pairs are from Oasis, called Cherry skinnies and the blue pair are actually denim look trousers from Topshop.

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