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Monday, 23 April 2007

Maria Bonita Extra - Headwear at its most original

Headwear in general holds a great fascination for me. I adore original hats and scarfs but at times, when I attempt to wear them, I don't really feel as if I pull of the look. Maria Bonita Extra - a Brazilian label - has offered a glimmer of hope. Between their gorgeous summer flowers and unique fall headbands, I'm sure there is a stylish feature that could enhance anyone's look. The unfortunate thing is that their site is extremely slow to load and all in flash - it took me about 30 minutes to get these screen-shots! I'm not sure about a full list of stockists but Shopbop do have a selection of their clothing line. The great thing about a lot of these looks is that they could be easily recreated. A piece of felt fabric and a sewing kit, you've got yourself one of these quirky bands.

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