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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Laid Back Simplicity - Reiss

While perusing The Times Online I came across an article/review about Reiss. It's quite strange because I spent the weekend with a friend in Londinium who had spent a small fortune at the afore-mentioned store. She wowed me with some beautiful pieces of clothing that were understatedly elegant, yet relatively funky. I was impressed. I then came across the article. Anne Ashworth refers to Reiss as a "masstige” retailer, which means that it deals in luxury at prices that many, not just the few, can afford. As I noticed, looking at my friend's haul and as Anne points out, the prices are still pretty eye-watering and yet "non-designer". Reiss is also becoming a global brand, with not only stores in Great Britain but across the U.S. Take a look for yourself; the quality - undeniable, style - evident throughout the store, laid back chic - in abundance; enough cash?...cash?, now where did I put it?

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