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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

I'm Loving the Maxi Dress.

The maxi dress can be quite a controversial piece. I wore one to a wedding last year and many people commented on my "strange" choice of 70's retro. I found this aversion to the dress quite disconcerting; many people find it hard to draw the line between fancy dress, vintage and retro. Now though, it seems to be a different matter. Maxi dresses are in, which pleases me no end and therefore fashionably acceptable. I adore these ultra-long dresses but for me they have to have a truly retro feel to them and as an added bonus a great print.

Above are my favourites from the catwalk collections. Top row are by Jovovich Hawk, who have truly captured the vintage look, even the photography has a 70's aura. Above left, is by Biba, the true purveyors of retro, with bell sleeves and the famed print. Left, is a simply beautiful piece, by Paul & Joe, the amazing lose hood adds a great finishing detail.

What of the High Street? There are plenty of maxi-dresses on offer but to be honest many of them have quite a fake synthetic feel. Two that I adore are pictured below. On the left is a stunning floral, festival dress by Miss.Selfridge, in a true boho style. Some of you may remember I featured this dress before but in brown tones. On the right is a surfy take on the maxi by Roxy (Quiksilver). Every summer I buy a long Roxy dress, as they epitomise the laid back style that I try to achieve when the sun appears. Extremepie stocks this fab sunburnt orange dress, with beautiful embroidery. So, it's summertime...embrace the maxi.