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Wednesday 31 January 2007

Zooey Deschanel - The "Quirky" Icon

I think most people now applaude Zooey Deschanel's style choices (I've never seen a name spelt quite like it though!). I love how quirky she is...all while keeping up with trends. The short, red dress is stunning, especially with the gorgeous, oversized bow. She even manages to add a quirky touch to the traditional, Grecian dress with a beautiful disc belt and matching bag. The ribbed, patterned, teal tights make a pretty summer dress into an cute, night-time outfit. Keep it quirky Zooooooey!

Tuesday 30 January 2007

Office - Red and Silver, the perfect pair.

I love these shoes by Office. The colours are amazing and the style is sooo original...they shall be mine! I'm a little unsure of how I would wear them - the elastic, flip back would rule out opaque tights...I think. As soon as I saw this look I thought of Rachel Bilson - she shows how these colours should be worn - a beautiful, polished look.

French Connection - Summer is looking stylish

I love the new campaign for French Connection Spring/Summer 2007. They have a great selection of tunic tops and dresses and I adore the styling of the website photographs - they seem to have moved away from the F.C.U.K. controversy of the last few years and created a much more stylised look.

Topshop - They NEVER get it wrong.

I'm sure Topshop could make a bin-bag look stylish! The gorgeous showcase of their styles above shows the diversity of their products. I've sent for the items below and they should arrive tomorrow (you can see the smock, tie-top jacket in a previous post). I'm not sure if I'll keep all the items but return postage is free - so shopping with Topshop could reduce your shopping remorse! All 4 items would cost me £200 - which seems very reasonable for 2 jackets, 1 coat and 1 tunic-top - especially when you consider my dilema over the Bi La Li jacket. I'll let you know if I decide to keep them.

American Apparel - Style Grid

American Apparel have published this fantastic style grid. Every style available from their online store can be navigated to easily using this grid on their homepage. Click on a square - a small picture will pop up - you can then go to the product. I've posted about the fab featured styles section before and once again they've produced a tool that optimises the potential of their simple, yet stylish, wardrobe basics. Try the grid - I'm sure you'll love it.

Monday 29 January 2007

Urban Outfitters - I'm in flat shoe heaven!

I love Urban Outfitters! They've taken quirky kitsch to the High Street while still making it affordable. I don't really "do" high heels - they're special occasion shoes for me - so flats are my daily staple in footwear. I love the great selection of flats Urban Outfitters have on offer on their U.S. site - hopefully the U.K. site will catch up on stock soon. Heels take me to 6ft 2 - so if you're like me and feel a little self conscious (not to mention nervous) at such a height - check out these great flats.

Comptoirs des Cotonniers

Comptoir des Cotonniers is a great French store. Their clothes are beautifully cut and have stylish, yet simple lines. I love their current Spring/Summer add campaign "mères et filles" (mothers and daughters). It takes its inspiration from the female heroes of the 50s and 60s. Above you can see some of the stills/print adds from this collection - cast from sessions held throughout France. Clothes marketed across the generations - a piece of true advertising genius! It reminds me of an article I read on The Cool Hunter-

Grannies in designer denim, Gen Xs in the same skinny leg jeans as their toddlers. Welcome to the new era of fashion, where generations have collided and your real age has nothing to do with your fashion age.

This photograph from The Cool Hunter is a perfect illustration.

Sunday 28 January 2007

Burfitt - Beautiful Design

I don't have any information yet about this designer but I was completely drawn in by this website. Burfitt, and associate site Lovisa Burfitt showcase amazing clothes, photography and illustrations. I have emailed the designer to get some more information and will update you soon. All I know is that they are a Swedish company based in Paris. I love the illustration below by Lovisa - I feel the same way about Paris.

A.P.C. - Fab French Store

A.P.C. is a French run company with a great website. The photos above are taken from their Summer 2007 section and all clothing is available to buy form the store. I love the "Frenchness" of the looks - simple, cool...yet very chic.

Chloé - The Perfect Ad Campaign

I don't know what it is about Chloé - but they always seem to get it right. They produce original, quirky clothes that are still lusted after by all. I am a real fan of their ad campaigns - they add that extra touch of intrigue and glamour to every season.

Zukale & Huoviala - printed tights

I adore these original tights - particularly the Topaze, humming bird print - by Zukale & Huoviala. The tights are hand dyed and printed in Finland by design duo Anna Huoviala and Miira Zukale (pictured below). They are available from Chocosho, a very cool U.S. site or The Finnish Design Shop.

Bi La Li Loose Wrap Jacket - sooo beautiful!

I've posted about Le Train Bleu before but never really rated this jacket...until I actually saw someone wearing it...and it is now my number 1 most coveted item!! The Bi La Li Loose wrap jacket is available in red or cream and looks particularly fab with the collar turned up. I'm not sure the photos below do this coat justice. With shipping and currency conversion, the jacket comes to £295 - should I buy it?!?! I'll keep you posted.....

Friday 26 January 2007

Topshop - British Fashion at its Best.

I couldn't write this blog without mentioning Topshop . They epitomise everything that is good about fashion - keeping up with all the trends and producing really affordable outfits. These photos are taken from their look-book section - the top two photos are from the "Breton" range, the lower photos from "San Francisco". The look-book shows how fashion forward the brand is - you can understand why Kate Moss has chosen to design for them. I particularly love the asymmetric, brown swing jacket and high-waisted trousers. Below are three tops that truly show how affordable and up-to-date Topshop is; each top is really simple and would look great with skinny jeans but....they all cost £12 or less and come in a huge range of colours!