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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Swoon - Fashionably cool paper art.

Fashion hides in many guises, one being unconventional art. I adore the literal "cut out and paste" aesthetic to Swoon's graffiti. Her form of art is definitely not pedestrian but on the pavement is where her audience hides. Her work becomes part of its surroundings, as the paper discolours and curls, it decomposes into part of the street. I have posted before about the Parisian wonder that is Fafi; her art moved into collaborations with major manufacturers. Her New York counterpart, Swoon, may currently resist commercial temptation but I predict it won't be long before Swoon's design talent is channeled away from the street. Swoon's site is under construction, until it's up and away read an interview with her here.

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