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Monday, 8 October 2007

Caravan - A Gem in Spitalfields.

Caravan is a gem of a boutique in Spitalfields, one of my favourite areas of Londinium. I was lucky enough to meet its founder in her vintage Citro├źn H-Van - what an inspirational retail guru. Emily Chalmers was kind enough to take time out to tell me all about her shop and the ethos behind her stock choices. Her shop is a modern day Aladdin's Cave, littered with eclectic joy; if it weren't for the fact I arrived there at 5.30, just before the 6pm closure, I would have gladly spent the day on a super rummage. The Caravan "van" is a thing of childhood dreams. A kitsch menagerie of loveliness, guarded by some seriously menacing crows. Click to feast your eyes on the enlarged versions of my photographs or take a closer look at Caravan's delights here. My favourite product...has to be the little mechanical, movement sensitive birdy below; I have a funny feeling its tweeting would be pleasing to both myself and my cats!

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