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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Melanie Haarhaus - finding that essential element of fun in fashion.

Melanie Haarhaus' aim is to find individuality in a truly complex world. She definitely succeeds with her truly unique designs...all injected with a sense of humour. Her website explains,

We live in a confusingly complex world. Every individual, incident or item presents itself in a different manner to different observers. Viewed from one angle a facet may shine all the brighter, while from another it will disappear into the shadows.

I adore the ironic and iconic "Hello from Moscow" brooch above - a true feeling of fun can define fashion for me. Melanie's humour is evident in her bio; coming from a small Bavarian town of 30 inhabitants, she says how disappointed she was to discover, "not one dwarf among them!" See more of Melanie's fantasies become jewellery here.

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