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Monday, 30 April 2007

It may be summer here but in Australia, winter's on its way.

The southern hemisphere holds a fashion fascination for me. I was inspired to search out these sites after a friend of mine, that has just returned from living in Australia and talked about the reverse seasonal "thing". It got me thinking about what they're wearing there right now, as they move into winter. I know lots of the northern Australian states bask in summertime temps even in "winter" but coats must be required in the south. So perusing the Australian websites I came across Runaway Lovers above and Ruby Smallbone below. Runaway Lovers' winter looks are very 60's/70's inspired - simple yet stylish, loving the accenting leather belt, but hardly wintery! Below are images more in line with what I consider to be Australian fashion - bohemian, summery and a little eclectic. They are from the originally named Ruby Smallbone! Both designers are available from My Catwalk, a fab Auzzie e-store. My favourite Australian designers still have to be Sass & Bide but I shall continue to search for more southern hemisphere inspiration.