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Monday, 30 April 2007

The Search for the White Dress is over...I went for a Black one!

OK, so with a big knod to Suzie Style Bubble, I have had to take a picture of myself to show you the outcome of the search for the white dress...I ended up buying a black dress! Of all places, I found it in Oasis - where it was in the sale! Apparently, on speaking to the sales assistant, the puff sleeves really weren't going down well! Excuse the state of the room I have taken the photos in, we are in the process of doing up an old house - so chaos reigns. The shape isn't obvious from the photos, but the sleeves are beautifully voluminous. Also featured are the red jeans. I'm not sure what all of you think but I think they work well when accessories are kept to a minimum and are worn without patterns or contrasting bold colours. Will I ever find a perfect white dress?...maybe but for now my black dress is making me happy.

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