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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Asymmetrical Wonders

I'm loving the one-shoulder asymmetrical look. I know it's a little 80's but the 80's is also very now. Miss. Moss has incorporated the one shoulder look in her Topshop Collection (see below) but they've already done it successfully in the shape of this blue dress, above left. On the right is Warehouse's interpretation of the look, in stunning chiffon layers with a great cinched waist. Asymmetry is definitely the way forward.


maya said...

i think the topshop blue one is much nicer than the kate moss one.her stuff for topshop was quite a dissapointment for me actually. love your blog!

Jessica said...

I love the blue dress, very chic. I am not sure I am into the whole one shoulder look..maybe this whole thing will spark my interest some more.

Emily said...

How do I find out who made these clothes?

Random Fashion Coolness said...

The pictures I've posted are from Topshop & Warehouse in the UK.