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Thursday 28 June 2007

Mensah - I.Q. For Fashion.

Vintage alongside up-and-coming fashion forward designers? Mensah has it all. Its location in Portobello Road is reflected in it's eclectic mix of designers and fashions. They also have an online store, with an amazing collection of vintage pieces, separated by style and era. Their contemporary design selection particularly interests me...below are examples from Caravana, taking beautiful billowy silks and chiffon. Please check out the e-store and if you are in London, take the time to pop to Portobello Road.

Tuesday 26 June 2007

Loving Miss. Selfridge Vintage!

Well done Miss. Selfridge! Today, in their online store, we were presented with an extensive update to their vintage collection. I'd definitely offer an "A" for effort. It is relatively affordable, limited in numbers and pretty authentic in its look. Congratulations Miss. S!

Monday 25 June 2007

Vans - One Nation Under Canvas.

I can't say I am a big fan of Vans shoes but I am a huge fan of the ethos behind their new project...

In 2007, Vans will undertake an unprecedented art program in Los Angeles, bringing together six of the area’s top emerging and recognized art talents by featuring their original work on a prominent billboard in the city. For the duration of the project these six artists’ work will appear for two months at a time and culminate with a group show at a local gallery next November, presented by Vans. In addition, Vans will make a $1,000 donation to the local charity of each artist’s choice, on their behalf, giving back to the city that has given the company and these artists so much.

...the artwork behind the campaign is truly inspirational and a wonderful insight into some truly untapped talent. Check out some more views on Vans Sky Gallery.

Sunday 24 June 2007

Turk + Taylor - Organic Fashion

Mark Lee Morris + Andrew Soernsen are Turk + Taylor, creators of stunning organic cotton t-shirts that are hand dyed. Friendly fashion never looked so good! Their quirky, satirical take on the graphic tee caught my interest when they were championed by Nylon magazine. Although overt matching isn't necessarily my thing, covert matching is; hence my inclusion of the t-shirt with a complimenting skirt lining. Check out Turk + Taylor's website for stockists and sales.

Friday 22 June 2007

Luella - Graphic Genius

Talking about graphic tees...here are a few of my favourites by Luella. The Geek tee epitomises all that I am, essentially a major dweeb but unfortunately everywhere I have looked, this t-shirt is out of stock. I have no way of displaying my social status! Check them out on Luella's website and Net-a-Porter.

Bold but still Beautiful?

Is bold always beautiful? I love dramatic prints but are these a little too much? My fashion mantra is always, "it must be original" but even I am confused with these tees by Topshop Boutique. The Skeleton Shirt - a little too freaky and aren't skeleton's on the decline? The Big Square Shirt - medallion bling? I depends on how you would wear them both. Simple accessories, muted colours. Let me know what you think.

Thursday 21 June 2007

Should I love this dress...or can you be too patriotic?

Every time I see this Union Jack print dress by Paul Smith, I become more and more enchanted by it. It feels very wrong though...should I be enthralled by what is essentially a flag print dress? The only thing that prevents me buying it, the price tag. At £600 I'd prefer to make my own toga style dress but I cannot help the spell that this dress casts; each time I look at it, I love it more. Check out Paul Smith's website for more Union Jack inspired fashion and Sarah Coggles for this particular dress.

Wednesday 20 June 2007

Brian Reyes...watch this space.

Ever since Rachel Bilson wore this dress to one of the premieres of The Last Kiss, I have been intrigued by the designer Brian Reyes. This dress is simple, yet eye-catching and truly original - especially with the contrasting coloured accessories. With the current weather in the U.K., extremely erratic, I've taken a look at his winter collection. Alongside his oversized, cosy, yet fashionable items, stands out a fitted take on this grey dress. To winter-it-up-a-bit, they've added the opaque tight, to make this a year round outfit. I adore the grey cap-sleeved coat, although loosely fitted, it has a definitive sense of form and shape. I shall be keeping my eye on Mr. Reyes, who has also been championed in this week's Grazia...global success beckons.

Monday 18 June 2007

I am loving...Old Lady Fashion!

I'm not sure if I am revealing a weird side of myself here...but I love old-lady fashion! These items from vintage store, Sveet Couture, hark back to the 80's but could also be found in my gran's wardrobe. They have that nostalgic, comforting feel to them, with a worn, soft look. I can never think of my Gran as a style icon but as I flick back through old photographs, her inner style demon jumps out. Sveet Couture embraces the old-lady look, so go on...reveal the stylish granma in you!

Sunday 17 June 2007

Camper - Classy Ad Campaign

I am loving the new ad campaign by Camper shoes. The Spanish company has always intrigued me, as they have managed to combine function and fashion so effortlessly. Despite being a multinational brand, their stores have a boutique feel to them, which holds great appeal for their shoppers. I am loving these criptic ads - strange, seemingly unrelated products with an impact on the footwear, genius.

Thursday 14 June 2007

MADE - for the people by the people.

Fashion can be a very exploitative industry...particularly if you are an artist living in a third world nation. So Fair Trade fashion truly interests me - Made is an outlet for the sale of goods by Eastern Africans. All Made products are designed by influential designers, then sourced and created within disadvantaged communities across East Africa. They train local artisans in new skills, providing fair wages and support at every level. The jewellery is authentic and simply stunning - the best part...the ethos behind the company; that extra feel-good, fair-trade factor makes the jewellery so much more appealing.

Wednesday 13 June 2007

I am loving All Saints boy tops...for myself!

These screen-printed boy t-shirts by All Saints, are simply fab. I am seriously considering purchasing one - at around £35 each, they're a little affordable piece of originality.

Tuesday 12 June 2007

When fashion invades the home - Missoni

I've mentioned my love of ceramics before but Missoni Home have provided me with another point of interest - crockery! Missoni's Home range is an eclectic mix of their signature patterns, that can be full-on when put together (see above) but as individual pieces are truly delicious. Then below, it hits you - fashionable crockery. I adore Christian Lacroix's range for Le Petit Moulin and this Missoni range has equal visual appeal. Although very expensive, inevitably some would get smashed by me; a few select pieces would stand out beautifully on any shelf. We all have an eye for prettiness BUT is my sudden love of porcelain a sign of aging? Check out Missoni Home and Towels UK for more of these ranges.