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Wednesday 30 May 2007

...also loving this little number by Boutique!

I forgot to mention, another little bit of prettiness has caught my eye in the shape of this summery little number by Boutique at Topshop. I just love the original print and fab shape. At £40, far more affordable and still quite unique.

Just loving this "Kissing Leaves Bow Top" by Anna Sui

Just a small, random post - I am loving this gorgeous top by Anna Sui. Yes, it's expensive (£260)...yes, it's not THAT exciting BUT there's something about it that's truly attractive to me. Maybe it's my love of bows but the name is definitely a selling point too! See more on Net-a-Porter.

Pork Chop Girl...

I had to post about this shop for several reasons:

1. The Name - Pork Chop Girl...genius!

2. The clothes are vintage, reconstructed and handmade. Soo environmentally friendly.

3. The story behind the store. A thrifty young lady, that has grown into a very particular adult shopper. Her ethos of providing unique, one-off garments is close to my heart. So please check out Pork Chop Girl, even if for the name alone!

Miss. Mess - Surrealist Fashion.

Marijana, a former Yugoslavian, is an obvious student of Picasso. The surrealist element in all her work, shines out as a true homage to SeƱor Picasso. Miss. Mess is her website, full of her eclectic delights. I adore these handbags and the styling of the website is simply unique. She also showcases an amazing array of necklaces, each one seems more original than the next. Check out Miss. Mess, to be befuddled, amused and overwhelmed all at the same time.

Monday 28 May 2007

Avant Gaudy - Experimental Vintage for the New Garde.

Just the name "Avant Gaudy" completely intrigued me and then the e-store itself wowed me. It's an eclectic mix of vintage versus 21st Century. Each piece is of course a one off and the site is updated with new stock quite regularly. I adore the dresses above. The multi-coloured star wonder, left, wouldn't be out-of-place in Topshop today. The dress right, has definite 80's undertones - a red belt would be an essential purchase to carry off this piece. Below is another great specimen, an amazing soft-look, worn leather belt, with a fab vintage clasp. The site is in flash, so I cannot direct link but they also have a MySpace page with up and coming news and events.

Precious Pups - sometimes fashion needs to be cheesy!

I found a great little American network, Etsy, where you can buy all things handmade. Among the sellers is Precious Pups - creator of these amazing pieces. I know there's a fine line between quirky and odd but Precious Pups' jewellery is a perfect mix of cheesy and quaint. Dolly Parton and French director Jean-Luc Godard, receive an amazing tribute in the form of pendants. Above right, is a creation called Pup in Womb, sooo weird, yet sooo cute! Check out some of the other great designers on Etsy and embrace your inner geek with Precious Pups.

Sunday 27 May 2007

Brennan & Burch...illustration translates into design.

At heart, I'm quite a dweeb. I love quirky drawings and sketches and I'm sure I could become quite obsessive about comics if I allowed myself! Brennan & Burch really caught my eye. They transfer gorgeous illustrations into unique fashion pieces. I love the lookbook on their site, each piece is backed by its design inspiration. There's an e-store too, with plenty more of these affordable originals. Each design is printed in limited amounts, so your very unlikely to see these illustrations repeated. Check out the website for more details about this London based theme.

Tsumori Chisato - Contradicting looks.

Tsumori Chisato epitomises all that I perceive Japanese design to be - colourful and quirky. There is one difference, her subtle, crisp tailoring. I adore the two facets of her work; the aubergine and sea-green delight, above middle, is stunning. I adore the tulip-hem and and the way the white strap hangs to accentuate the shape. Then below, the more simple block colour dresses; they still have originality in their form but their pristine cut stands out. Anyone that can make the turban look cool or create a coordinated turban/dress look, deserves some recognition. See more of Tsumori Chisato on A-Net.

Vena Cava - a lesson in how to make clothes look interesting.

I feel as if Vena Cava's website is a mini-lesson in photography, possibly entitled "How to make clothes look truly interesting, by Vena Cava." The photos above, a story of contrasts. Left, the rancid fish with the dramatic glamour of the dress. Right, smooth pebbles, uncomfortable to lie on with the delicate ease of the patterned top. Below it is a story of lighting and shadow. The strong lighting highlights only the clothing, not the excessive amount of props, the frame creating a structured overall look. What I love about Vena Cava, is the design duo behind the brand seem so normal. Their inspiration comes from classic design that crosses the generations. See more of the Brooklyn based designers on their website.

Saturday 26 May 2007

Someone asked me about wallets...

...here's a great clutch with a clever wallet inside. All Saints have produced this metallic wonder that is every neat freak's dream. Will keep searching for you.

In God We Trust...for all our fashion needs

An eon ago, just after I left uni, I work as an Air Hostess (flight attendant, trolley dolley...whatever!). It was an amazing way to see the world for free, despite the stigma of being a glorified waitress. I loved my monthly visits to New York, a city full of charm and intrigue. My favourite streets to peruse were Bleaker and Lafayette, so my interest was sparked by this post from NYLON magazine. An amazingly named store, In God We Trust, has just opened a new branch in SoHo on Lafayette Street. So I checked out their website and it is quite a design gem! Beautiful navigation and stunning photography combine to create a site that is a true joy to look at. Their clothing and jewellery ranges are truly original and have enticed me to return to my favourite NYC haunts. Please check out their website for a piece of visual delight.

Wednesday 23 May 2007

UNIQLO Classic Cool.

Uniqlo is a brand that has been championned by many. A simply stylish but affordable store - that has enticed the likes of Phillip Lim to design his own capsule collection for the brand. The thing I love the most, the quirky appeal behind their simplicity. Humour in fashion is a true draw for me and these animal models above, from their e-zine, are great brand advocates!! There are several stores in the U.K. which are unfortunately predominately based in and around the London area - the furthest afield being Oxford. Hopefully, soon, more stores will be launched nationwide. Another fast fashion company to join the ranks of Topshop, Primark, Zara...Maybe high-end designer fashion is starting to lose it's expensive appeal!

Tuesday 22 May 2007

Louise Amstrup - Shapely, Surreal Design.

Louise Amstrup is a Danish born designer, that spent her childhood in Germany. This may explain her flair for design coupled with precision tailoring (ooohh...sorry about the horrid stereotyping!). She describes her designs as "surreal" and I have to agree. There is a definitive, quirky edge to her forms, she drapes the fabric with extreme care and accuracy. Her work is available from Labour of Love in the U.K. (no e-shopping) and is featured in this month's edition of U.K. Vogue. I'm particularly loving the flashes of yellow above!

Monday 21 May 2007

Pollini - A Futuristic Fashion Odyssey

Accessories can truly make an outfit - the more fashion forward, the more appealing. These stunning specimens are by Pollini, a company with links to several other major designers, based in Italy. They came to my attention in this month's Vogue, which featured this fantastic, seemingly quite animal friendly, cork handbag (below). For the rest of their Spring collection see their website or Elle.com. I hope you agree that these are truly original pieces and more eye-catching than anything I've seen in a long time. They remind me of the vision of the future portrayed in Blade Runner, an aesthetically stunning film to match this jewellery.

Saturday 19 May 2007

PowerHaus Jewellery...but no more info!?

Just loving this jewellery by PowerHaus, interesting lengths, fab styling....but the site's pretty funked and I can find no more info! If anyone knows anything about PowerHaus, please let me know.