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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Ten Again at 100% Design - Unusual Sunglasses.

In 2006, designer Chris Jackson invited Ten London based designers to illustrate their views on the subject of sustainability within the capital. The designers were restricted to work within a 10KM radius of their studios to utilise resources and scavenge materials, with a budget of £10. The resulting objects diverse and fresh, were displayed within 100% Design. After rave reviews and two awards, the same 10 designers reformed for ‘Ten Again’ 2007. Under the same theme of sustainability, the designers produced 10 objects for 100% Design.

Of this group, Stephen Bretland offered us these sunglasses. At first glance, above, they are simple cardboard specs (in the style of the old 3D glances). On further inspection a more dark, ingenious, design element is revealed...each is made from a Stevie Wonder LP cover! I found myself in a state of quandary - yes, Monsieur Wonder is well know for wearing sunglasses but to disguise/aid his blindness, quite a juxtaposition in ideals! Therefore, are these glasses ironic fashion genius, or do they hold a darker, more twisted edge! Keep up to date with Stephen's work here and make your own mind up! Click on the images to enlarge.

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