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Thursday, 27 September 2007

American Apparel...a disappointing online experience.

I have extolled the virtues of American Apparel from the rooftops (see my many posts here)...but I have been let down by my own retail experience with their UK online branch. I received a fab, lapis colour, zip up sweat fleece 2 weeks ago, only to realise I had been charged twice for the item. Fine, an easy mistake to make...but getting in touch with American Apparel in the UK is as easy as finding vintage Chanel in Oxfam. I have left 4 telephone messages, sent 2 emails via their online contact form and emailed the .net address they quote on their answering machine. Almost 2 weeks later and still no response! Frustrating and annoying...yes, very!


Anonymous said...

so few posts... :(

Random Fashion Coolness said...

Apologies anonymous...my day job is taking up quite a bit of my time. I'll get to it this weekend. R x