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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Temperley London - The true beauty of the Fall collection begins to reveal itself.

I truly underestimated the intricate detail behind Alice Temperley's most recent collection. Unless you see the collections in person at the catwalk show, it is difficult to appreciate the beauty of the clothes. So, I love this time of year when the Fall ad campaigns start to appear and celebrities start wearing the looks; it's as if the true beauty of the collections is revealed. Above are the shots from Temperley's website, adding a sense of true dramatism to each look, epitomising the name of the collection, "Beauty in Exile". The shots below illustrate my point perfectly. The Long Treasure Godess Dress oozes sophistication on the catwalk, yet during Nicole Richie's Marie Claire shoot, a hidden dimension is revealed. The back detail is breathtaking, something I was oblivious to upon viewing the catwalk stills. So lets see what other surprises the designer collections have hidden up their sleeves!

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