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Sunday, 15 July 2007

American Apparel - Buy your gold lame leggings from even more UK stores!

The ONLY downside of eShopping - being unsure of your size. You then have to order a couple of sizes for each item, pay for them all...then maybe wait an eon for a refund on your unwanted items. That's been the only drawback for me concerning American Apparel; I've never been sure of my exact size as far as their products go, especially when many items are unisex in their sizing. I've been able to attempt to gauge my size while in Paris or the U.S. but now more U.K. based stores are opening, I can try on to my heart's content! The new store is in Kensington High Street and another is coming soon in Brighton. I'm just praying that A.A. move to more locations outside of the home counties. So now you can try on your gold lame/metallic silver leggings in even more U.K. locations and not have to order 3 pairs online!

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