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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Brian Reyes...watch this space.

Ever since Rachel Bilson wore this dress to one of the premieres of The Last Kiss, I have been intrigued by the designer Brian Reyes. This dress is simple, yet eye-catching and truly original - especially with the contrasting coloured accessories. With the current weather in the U.K., extremely erratic, I've taken a look at his winter collection. Alongside his oversized, cosy, yet fashionable items, stands out a fitted take on this grey dress. To winter-it-up-a-bit, they've added the opaque tight, to make this a year round outfit. I adore the grey cap-sleeved coat, although loosely fitted, it has a definitive sense of form and shape. I shall be keeping my eye on Mr. Reyes, who has also been championed in this week's Grazia...global success beckons.

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