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Saturday, 26 May 2007

In God We Trust...for all our fashion needs

An eon ago, just after I left uni, I work as an Air Hostess (flight attendant, trolley dolley...whatever!). It was an amazing way to see the world for free, despite the stigma of being a glorified waitress. I loved my monthly visits to New York, a city full of charm and intrigue. My favourite streets to peruse were Bleaker and Lafayette, so my interest was sparked by this post from NYLON magazine. An amazingly named store, In God We Trust, has just opened a new branch in SoHo on Lafayette Street. So I checked out their website and it is quite a design gem! Beautiful navigation and stunning photography combine to create a site that is a true joy to look at. Their clothing and jewellery ranges are truly original and have enticed me to return to my favourite NYC haunts. Please check out their website for a piece of visual delight.

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