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Sunday, 22 April 2007

The "Search" is over....

...for the little white dress; I've found it in Zara. This angelic, puff-sleeve, pin-tuck dress is heavenly as it also has fantastic low pockets - a fashion favourite of mine. I tried it on in Knightsbridge's Zara on Friday but unfortunately the lone dress in my size had been tried on by a very over-exuberant shopper. It was ripped across the chest, covered in make-up and fake tan. I was going to buy it anyway but stupidly thought I could pick one up in another branch. I'll have to wait until I go shopping tomorrow to see if I can buy one (knowing my shopping luck, this will be a fruitless expedition - but I can still have hope!). So the search is over...but the actual dress still eludes me. Another reason it's the one...the fantastic image on the right from the Facehunter. Seeing it on someone else brings on the shopping envy!

...P.S. Sorry I've been away for so long. I popped to visit some friends in London for a few days. After the sunny days and clean air of Northampton, I needed a bit of smog to balance me out!

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