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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

I would just like to respond to the anonymous person who wrote "wow you stole the bag hype from the cool hunter" about my Anya Hindmarsh post. For any of you out there who live in the U.K., you will know that this bag has been heavily publicized in the U.K., appearing in several magazines and newspapers - it is also available to buy in the supermarket Sainsburys. Those of you who read the post will know the "hype" is not what the post was about, it was about the environmental message behind the bag. I make a conscious effort not to post the same sort of stuff as everyone else - yes the bag is posted about everywhere BUT the intended purpose of the bag was something I hadn't read about and it truly worried me. I welcome positive criticism but please read my posts first. Sorry to rant...but cowardly "anonymous" criticism really annoys me!.


Sharon Cox said...

Randon Fashion Friend, I thought your comments on your entry about the bag were intelligent and appropriate. I love your blog because I see new and fun things on it everytime! There is a non profit organization that sells items made by victims of human trafficking and they have a tote that is so cute! It is made from recycled rice paper. I bought one in blue and I love it! It is really sturdy and quite large. Check it out!

Keep posting!
Sharon Cox

Sharon Cox said...

Ooops! The link got a little messed up!


Let's try that!

Sharon Cox (again) said...

This is why I don't have a blog!!! I am not computer savvy enough to post a simple link!
Idiot proof version- Go to Google and find "Made By Survivors", click on Store, and look in their travel bag section for the Recycle Rice Bag Tote! Buy it and enjoy!

Random Fashion Coolness said...

Thank you soo much Sharon. It's so lovely to receive positive comments for a change! Thanks for the link too. R x