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Friday, 13 April 2007

DKNY...a juxtaposition of styles.

I am never really blown away by DKNY clothing, Donna Karan's New York inspired range...but I have been impressed with their most recent ad campaign. The image below embodies all that New York represents to me...laid back, cool but with a distinct sense of style. Whenever I come across these ads in a magazine, I do take a second glance. The ad campaign empitomises their mission statement to "represent the international pulse of New York in the design". Although, although my slightly "let down feel" came gushing back when I looked at the DKNY e-store. The images are a little bland and to top it all, they have a section for a clothing item called a "Cozy"! A Cozy!!...and a guide as to how to wear it! (12 different ways!) So I'm thrown, DKNY's ad campaign...aspirational, the actual product...a little too "cozy" for me!

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