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Monday, 19 March 2007

Valencia - Fab Fashion Find No.1

Fallas was amazing, as was one of my favourite cities in the world - Valencia. I used to live there and I forgot how much I loved trawling the little sides streets for amazing unique fashion finds. This weekend I stumbled upon this little retro shop, with a mix of vintage and replica pieces. Bacilococo was a veritable aladin's cave, full of stunning bags and accessories and amazing clothing - particularly the 70s and 60s dresses - all very NOW but still truly retro. I really loved their changing room (left), an antique indoor phone box - genius! So if you find yourself in Valencia, Spain, in the Carmen part of the old town, pop along to Bacilococo in Calle Purisima, a true vintage haven. They haven't a website yet but you can email them here.

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