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Friday, 30 March 2007

Twinkle...You really are a Star.

I always thought Twinkle by Wenlan made gorgeous, designer, chunky knits. Then today I stumbled across an email advertising Twinkle jewellery. On further investigation (I felt thoroughly fashion-unaware!), Twinkle has produced several stunning collections, incorporating a stunning mix of colours and fabrics, layering and loveliness. I adore these outfits above, with their full spectrum of colours, particularly the spotted swing dress, centre. Below is a peak at their eclectic necklaces - the mix of colours and materials makes them truly unique. Wenlan Chia is still a great advocate of fine knitwear but has also managed to move seamlessly into the realm of quirky fashion. Check out the Twinkle website for more details, especially of their stunning wools and knits; plus buy online at Shopbop or from the Twinkle on-line store.

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