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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Mischen - More than geek chic!

When I first heard of Mischen, this was the image that sprung to mind. I think I'd seen it in a magazine and presumed the inspiration behind Carla Knapp's designs had to be Geek Chic...but on further inspection I realised there was so much more to this established designer. Knapp first worked for Jill Stuart and Paper Denim & Cloth, before moving on to her own signature line.

Mischen is characterized by it’s eclectic styling, uniquely researched and refined materials from around the world, quality tailoring, and a combination of edgy, sophisticated, and feminine detailing. Knapp is dedicated to the art of fine detail, craftsmanship, and tailoring found in vintage garments, accessories, jewelry and prints that she collects from around the world. Mischen is the conduit to providing quality garments using these artful and valued techniques.
There's a definite combined vibe from both the 60s and 80s to a lot of her clothing, which is definitely elegant and fashion forward. I love the 80s oversized, camel coat with contrasting button detail - mainly beacuse it has some of my essential fashion ingredients - stunning, deep pockets and unusual sleeve length. Check out the Mischen website for details of online stockists and her full inspired range.


Anonymous said...

The first picture (the girl with the glasses), is she Norelle from America Next Top Model season 3?

Random Fashion Coolness said...

I think they use the same model for all the shots in the spring/summer shoot. Take a look at the other photos on the website - don't think she's from America's Next Top Model.