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Sunday, 4 March 2007

Topshop - Affordable Outerwear at its most Stylish

I know from your comments and emails that most of you are devotees of Topshop, as am I. This season I've been particularly impressed with their range and variety of coats and jackets. All are affordable, while still following trends and incorporating beautiful detail. The most expensive jacket above is £55, while the most pricey coat is £70. For a wardrobe staple, that could easily be mistaken for a designer item, I think they're fabulous value for money. My personal current favourite, that I'm strongly considering buying, is the oversized mac (bottom right). In the photo it's not that impressive, but I saw it in store this weekend and it truly epitomises oversized urban chic. They had it on display with several layered tops underneath and a great slouchy messenger bag worn across-body. It also has a very slight sheen/shine to the fabric, thanks to the use of metallised cotton (I've never seen metallised used as a real word...but lets run with it!). Check out their Jackets and Coats section for their full range.

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Eric said...

I love the colorful coats at the bottom. That top one in the center is gorgeous. It looks like a very well tailored riding jacket.