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Saturday, 24 March 2007

Spring Dresses, look no further than...Eley Kishimoto

This weekend the northern hemisphere steps into the beautiful season of spring. Tonight, in the U.K., our clocks go forward by one hour to lengthen our dark winter days and bring us into B.S.T. (British Summer Time). So what's on my mind? Spring dresses of course! The first name that comes to mind is Eley Kishimoto - their clothes scream colour, brightness, and quirkiness. Two of my favourite pieces are above - I adore the rounded, scoop necks and colourful details. The red print dress also features one of my design must-haves; deep, low pockets. Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto's textile design roots shine through in these stunning prints but I'm also glad to see a little subtilty in the shape of this beautiful black mini-dress (right). With a monochrome design and balloon sleeves this dress has it all. Check out Eley Kishimoto's website for the whole of their stunning spring/summer '07 collection, runway shots for fall '07 and a list of stockists. You also have to take a look at their quirky knee-high socks (below) at Sox-Populi, they'd look amazing with some of their dresses (not sure if I could pull off the look though!).

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