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Thursday 31 January 2008

1st of Februrary...Random Fashion Coolness relaunches.

Soooo here it is...the new Random Fashion Coolness. I hope you like it! I feel both nervous and excited, so please let me know what you think. Remember to update your bookmarks:

http://www.randomfashioncoolness.com/blog/ and enjoy!

Sunday 27 January 2008

Something new this way comes...

There haven't been any posts over the last few days as I am busy working on a new site. Myself and Mr. Things of Random Coolness, have been working diligently to produce something which, I hope, will be rather special. So, keep checking, as this week the new site will launch.

Monday 21 January 2008

GGrrrr...poop and arse! Sometimes posting your wishlist doesn't pay off!

Today is supposedly Blue Monday...the day when more people feel a sense of depression than any other day of the year. I was feeling pretty good, until...I came home and decided to treat myself to two items off my wishlist - the oversized blue clutch and the art-deco necklace. THEY ARE SOLD OUT! Sometimes spreading the word of style doesn't pay dividends!! No...I am not depressed or arrogant enough to think that my advertising alone would cause a stock outage; just slightly annoyed that I didn't purchase such great bargains while I had the chance. I am also pleased that others may agree with my style choices. Now, I am at a slight loss, as I am unable to find a cool, oversized clutch. Any help would be much appreciated.

Sunday 20 January 2008

My Wishlist...does the credit card need an airing?!!

It's the perennial problem...when I have no money, lots of fripperies catch my eye! I am too magpie like for my own good! So to ease my tension and stress over my lack of funds, I have decided to compile a small wish list to exorcise my woe! (Click on above picture to enlarge)

1. Cheap Monday dark, used-wash, skinny jeans from Urban Outifitters.
They do exactly what is says on the tin - they are cheap (£40) and have a great skinny fit.
2. Oversized navy patent clutch from Topshop.
I have been seeking an extra-large clutch for a few weeks now and this one fits the bill perfectly.
3. Exaggerated art-deco pendant from Urban Outfitters.
A complete bargain at only £4 and suits my colour mood of black and gold.
4. Vintage tulip tube dress, also by Urban Outfitters.
I adore the colour, azure blue suits my skin-tone beautifully (transparent alabaster at this time of year...mmm, not so attractive!)
5. Thin gold plait belt, also by Urban Outfitters.
Great for making a loose black dress into an empire line wonder.
6. Ball clip, cross-body bag from Topshop.
Cross body is the new clutch (can't believe I just wrote that!!), plus it would be a great accompaniment to the azure blue dress.

All together we are looking at £150ish...which I think is pretty good for such a versatile bag of goodies. My bank balance however, would not agree! I know £150 isn't exorbitant, especially compared to a designer bag but Christmas and the new year have hurt my chip-and-pin and it would like a rest. Does an old, unused, credit card deserve and airing? We'll have to wait and see!

Stella McCartney moves into underwear.

V Magazine has just published some of the first photos of Stella McCartney's forthcoming lingerie collection. Stella has teamed up with Bendon, New Zealand's premiere lingerie manufacturer for her first range in undergarments. The Sunday Times Style Magazine has even put the launch of the range on their "Going Up" list. There is an incredible amount of hype surrounding this launch but it is difficult to see the true quality through these ads. I am loving the mix and match, bra/knicker combinations and the cute keyhole racer-back bras. I have a funny feeling that I won't get the opportunity to see the collection any time soon, as I'm sure they will fly out of the stores and straight on to eBay within a few hours. If I do however, get lucky and sneak-a-peek, I will let you know the truth behind the hype.

Zoemou - Oversized neckwear.

Ultra-large neck attire has been a key feature of the catwalk this season. Australian designer Zoe Sernack, has her own bold interpretation of this trend with her brand Zoemou, meaning "my life" in Greek. I would call her pieces, "subtly striking." They are available in a plethora of colours and materials and are a beautiful reflection of Zoe's abstract/Picassoesque artwork. See Zoemou's full range here.

Juliette Has a Gun - Superbranding works wonders!

Juliette Has a Gun holds is an enigmatic brand from Romano Ricci of the famous Nina Ricci fashion family. If branding makes a product then Ricci's team have achieved an unadulterated success. As I said, the brand is enigmatic; I have never even smelt the fragrances, yet the sublime packaging, quirky typeface and luxurious website, have all my attention. The Juliette in question is of the Shakespearian fame and is the elusive persona behind each fragrance. I will reserve my full judgement until I have smelt the perfumes in question but so far I am enthralled.

Random Fashion Coolness celebrates a birthday!

Today marks 1 year since the creation of Random Fashion Coolness. I have loved every minute of posting and would like to thank all my avid readers for remaining so loyal. Thank you too for all you kind comments and suggestions, they really are very much appreciated. I think one year on, it is time for a small aesthetic make-over...so watch this space, as Random Fashion Coolness begins to transform.

Saturday 19 January 2008

A starry collection by Sass & Bide.

Australian duo Sass & Bide have always delighted me but this new collection is very much my style. It's laid back, with a slight edge and very "on trend" with the repeated star motif. British retailer ASOS have also now started stocking Sass & Bide goods, making them a far more accessible commodity. See the whole collection on Sass & Bide's website and shop the collection on ASOS.

Prada's Fairy Bag - It has sucked me into a world of fantasy, where maybe I could even afford it!

I make a conscious effort to not get taken in by extreme hype and over-priced goods but Prada's art-deco inspired fairy bag is truly and unfortunately enchanting. I believe we are looking at a price-tag of £1,800! So...I shall never own one but I can appreciate it's absolute beauty and fantasy value!

Cooperativedesigns - A team made in wool heaven.

Annalisa Dunn and Dorothee Hagemann met on the MA Fashion course at Central St Martins in 2007. Upon graduation they joined forces to create cooperativedesigns. They juxtapose wool and jersey, texture and pattern to create some truly unique pieces. Their website delights me and their looks, although seemingly avant-garde, are also very wearable and available in block colours and black if necessary. See their website and marvel at their creativity here.

Anja Rubik - A model sensation.

Hair...such an important commodity for most women, it defines who they are. Anja Rubik is one of my favourite models as she has broken out of that mold - her hair no longer defines who she is. Her cropped hair makes such a difference to whom she is as a model, it's as if restrictions have been lifted. She is able to be edgy, quirky and even almost safely conventional in the Chanel ads. Below, is her stunning look that for me, has made her a much more complete model, in a different way to Agyness Deyn.

My guilty indulgence...Gossip Girl!

Sooooo, I have to now reveal some secrets, that will show what a dweeb I really am...but all in the name of fashion! I was enthralled by the first few series of The O.C., it was easy to watch and definitely easy on the eye. I loved seeing the adventures of Summer and Marissa and the inappropriate school wardrobes they showcased. I lost interest as the series were churned out, it became a little bland. So imagine my glee when the CW network rolled out Gossip Girl.

I was a little sceptical at first. Yes, the plot lines are ridiculous, the story revolves around spoilt, stuck up trust-fund teenagers (there is of course a "poorer" family to balance the moral see-saw)...but the clothes - very Sex in the City for teens. The wardrobes are a designer explosion! The stylist must have an exorbitant budget and is is showcased really well. Serena Van Der Woodson (yes....that is really the character's name, indicative of the caliber of show I am discussing!) lives in a hotel (as you do!) and has a wardrobe to die for. The actress that is Serena, Blake Lively, has transfered this inane style to her daily life. Below left, is a piece from an edition of NYLON magazine. It was published last summer to highlight up and coming stars in young Hollywood. Below right, is Miss. Lively in Chanel, at The Nuit de Diamants, hosted by the uber-brand itself. It is always pleasing to see that off-screen, these potential style icons, can also live up to the hype.

So, indulge in some exaggerated plot-lines and feast your eyes on the preview of Gossip Girl below, just don't tell anyone where your style-inspiration originated! Oh, one warning...Kristen Bell, of Veronica Mars/Heroes fame, narrates parts of the episodes. She is celebrity blogger "Gossip Girl" and her tag-line, "xoxo Gossip Girl," may drive you to distraction.

Friday 18 January 2008

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell grace the cover of French Vogue.

It feels like a seminal moment in fashion and definitely looks very beautiful, although Naomi doesn't quite look herself; I smell a little photoshop! Kate of course dazzles and shows that her age means nothing, her cool means everything. I haven't been the biggest fan of Kate's Topshop collaborations; I did buy a beautiful chiffon bird scarf. I have however, been a fan of Kate's birthday style; carrying off gold star fashion face paint, style genius.

Thursday 17 January 2008

So here they are...the much anticipated (by me!!) Kirsten Dunst Miu Miu ads.

A few weeks ago I posted about my eager sense of anticipation, in light of the announcement that Kirsten Dunst would be the new face of Miu Miu. So was my anticipation justified or have I been left in a state of longing disappointment? The truth is I feel a sense of emotional ambivolence. At first look, they are too similar to Lyndsey Lohan's offering for the brand; lush and rich in colour, with a mid-night blue darkness. But they are "growers" - on closer inspection there is an air of cuteness, a fairy tale lightness, juxtaposed with a feel of naughtiness, all against the beautiful palette of Kirsten's porcelain skin. The other thing I tend to forget when celebrities front a brand, is that it is about the clothes/product, are they showcased well? In this case, I'd have to say yes. I adore the sunglasses above and feel my eye drawn slowly towards the oversized grey bag, via Miss. Dunst. So overall I would have to conclude that this campaign is a success but it wasn't the new, more quirky direction I was expecting from Miu Miu, in light of their alternative choice of model.

A wonder of a dress from Le Train Bleu.

Sometimes the way a dress is presented can make a huge difference to its appeal. This House of Elliot dress is shown in three guises on Le Train Bleu. Left, on Erica Davies at a recent runway show; middle, on the store's model and left, in a standard presentation photograph. As we move to the left the dress loses some appeal to me, proving that seeing a look "in action", so to speak, can pay dividends for an online store. ASOS have proved the pioneers in showing a piece in its full glory, with their catwalk presentations (see here and click on the catwalk link). Those that are regular readers will know of my appreciation for Le Train Bleu, so take a look at all their new arrivals here.

Could this be the best job ever...?

If you were asked the question, "Describe your job in layman's terms?" and the answer was, "I make pretty people look prettier in pretty clothes," how fab would your life be? That's the job of Sam Ranger, House of Holland's stylist. NYLON magazine have published a mini-profile of Miss. Ranger, so take a look here and seeth with internal envy!

Topshop channels its inner Winehouse.

Topshop has released some new photos on its homepage for the new season. They are definitely channeling the Amy Winehouse vibe, as seen on the Chanel catwalk. What do you think? Is the look a little too "street"? I'm going to reserve opinion until I see more.

Wednesday 16 January 2008

Ndeur - customised delights.

My search for the unique has lead me to Ndeur. Mathieu Missiaen has created a brand around his hand painted designs, including these truly original shoes. The self-titled "graphist" from Canada has produced some bold print shoes, that are sure to get you noticed. They may not be to my style but Mathieu's originality has to be applauded. To appreciate more of Ndeur's design go to the homepage for all contyact details and sales.

Speckled Quail Eggs and Eyelashes become wearable.

I love the use of unusual objects as accessories. Stephanie Simek has pushed my favourite fashion boundary here. I adore her Speckled Quail Egg necklaces, made from toughened eggs and her real human hair Eyelash necklaces - it reminds me of my previous post about Louise Gray. For such specialist pieces the prices aren't too bad either. See more from Miss. Simek here.

Tuesday 15 January 2008

One to watch...Rue du Mail.

Rue du Mail is one of my favourite design houses. Based in the all that is the heart of fashion, Paris, Martine Sitbon has so far produced two highly innovative collections. The look is simple, yet complicated - a perfect design contradiction. There are intricate details combined with simple lines and elegance. Above are some structured pieces from the autumn/winter collection and below are some more floaty, erethral looks from spring/summer 2008. The appeal is definitely modern but seems to be seeped in history, especially in the case of the constructed pieces above. See Rue du Mail's website for more of their collections and expect to hear much more from Martine in 2008.

Monday 14 January 2008

Teen Vogue Snapshot Blog - A worrying addiction?

Suzie Style Bubble recommended Teen Vogue's Snapshot Blog to her readers and I have to ashamedly admit that I feel such guilty pleasure in my enjoyment of it! Young fashionistas submit their photographs to Teen Vogue, along with their style inspiration and a bit of an "about-me" blurb. At times, these teens can seem very spoilt, with some seriously pricey designer items on their "what I'm wearing" list...but for the most part they are shining examples of how to create a definitive style on a budget. They present their pictures in an innovative, creative way and it is quite surprising how self-aware these teens actually are. Take a look and see if you are sucked in too!

Trend of the month...red shoes?

Street Peeper, and the Facehunter have offered some bright footwear options for January. Last week we even saw the Facehunter, Yvan, sporting some fab red boots himself. I myself have some "Dorothy" style Mary-Jane shoes...minus the sparkle; I think it may be time to dust them off.