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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Colour inspiration for January.

Forget resolutions, my January has begun with an aim...leave the house successfully and in a healthy state. Yes, the misery that is the British flu epidemic has struck me down. Today is the only day that I've manage to muster the enthusiasm to move, let alone blog. So, life seems slightly dull but chinks of colour are slowly starting to slip into my life. My fashion mood could be represented by Agyness at Hilfiger and Facehunter, Yvan above. The tone is generally grey, muted, subdued even but the recovery on the horizon is looking bright. I adore Yvan's patent, laceless, red delights and Agnes' bold splash of yellow is somehow outshone by her red accessories. So my welcome to 2008 was a little mucus-ridden but my road to sinus clarity will be walked in red.

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