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Wednesday 28 February 2007

Pure Simplicity by Betty Jackson

Simplicity seems to be very underrated...but just marvel at this stunningly simple Pique Hopper dress by Betty Jackson. Available from My-Wardrobe.

House of Flora - Art Deco Bracelet

I love Art Deco - particularly this beautiful deco inspired piece by House of Flora. For some reason it reminds me of the crystals and kryptonite from Superman's ice lair! (Dweeby I know!!) It's everything an accessory should be, eye-catching and extremely unique. Be in awe at Browns.

Urban Outfitters - Bracelets Galore!

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm a big fan of Urban Outfitters. Recently these fab bracelets, in a variety of colours, have caught my eye. I love the clasp/hinge detail and original shape...at £16 they add that extra touch of originality that every look needs.

McQueen Skulls...are they IN or OUT?

Are skulls "in" or "out"? To be honest I don't really care...I just really like these shoes by Alexander McQueen. I've got one of his skull scarves in black chiffon with the blue print and it does add a little something to every outfit. I might treat myself to these shoes...but maybe they're a little fashion "now" for my liking! See for yourself at Net-a-Porter.

Tuesday 27 February 2007

Fafi - Fab Graffiti Tees

I've mentioned the genius that is Fafi before but I've only just realised that t-shirts are available to buy from her website. A piece of her amazing graffiti art on a t-shirt or bag can be yours for €55 (£37). The designs are cute but subtle and all very original.

Lochers - Quaint, Pretty...a little bit dirty!

A fabulous designer based in France, named simply Nicole, has created a beautifully kitsch website - Lochers. Her designs are traditional with an edgy modern twist - each pendant has a seemingly beautiful message in French, with a less "beautiful" translastion. Petite Salope - Little Slut! Casse-Pieds - Pain in the Neck (not sooo bad!). Check out her gorgeous embroidered clothing range - it looks dainty and quaint from afar...but get up close and see the more daring messages.

Monday 26 February 2007

Lover - Lush Australian Fashion

I adore the quirky aesthetic of the Australian design team behind Lover. I am truly in awe of their original use of photography to showcase each season.

Music, fashion and art align to create a stunning visual and great intrigue for the brand.

Please check out their amazing website for stockists and lookbooks.

I Heart - House of Hengst

I only recently discovered the fab, eclectic store that is I Heart (NYC). They stock a wide range of innovative, young design pieces as well as some vintage classics. A favourite designer, that I discovered there, is a San Francisco based talent called Susan Hengst. I love her stunning fusion of vintage and modern - check out her collections at House of Hengst.

Sunday 25 February 2007

Swing Jackets and Capes

I'm loving the fall 2007 trend for capes and oversized swing jackets. They were seen at (left to right), Gharani Strok, Acquascutum and Versace. I love the lighter stone and winter white colour palettes - there will be some light on those dark winter days after all!

Short Hair...why are people so afraid of it?

I'm really fed up with reading derogatory articles about the new trend for shorter hair. So many people blog or comment saying "I only hope they've cut their hair for a role and not through a style choice". I think Michelle Williams (the latest cut-ee!) looks amazing. If only I had the face to carry off such a short cut. She looks fresh, clean and young; an image not many in Hollywood can carry off! I recently cut my hair a lot shorter and I can't even count the number of times people have asked me, "do you miss it?" No, it was my hair, not my best friend! Excuse the rant...needed to get it off my chest!

Birds, Birds Everywhere!

I'm loving the "bird" trend this season. I'm not a huge fan of the live versions (scarred for life by an over zealous swan!) but I adore the prints and fashion jewellery.

Urban Outfitters have latched on to this style with fab accessories above. Antoni & Alison have a very unsubtle print that subtly knods at this trend - a great bird house skirt. Of course Tatty Devine provide some essential pieces (below) - the Swallow Necklace and fab wooden Eagle.

I think for the first time, I can cope with being surrounded by birds!

The Future of Fashion...Looking Good.

I was away for most of London Fashion week but the Central Saint Martin's show (by students from their masters degree course) truly impressed me. Pavel Ivancic, Alexandra Agoston and Karmen Pedaru combined their talents to produce the volumionous ruffles of the stunning collection above, with amazing flashes of red. The voluminous trend was continued by Chemena Kamali, with a very modern twist on the traditional tweed. It's great to see that the future of fashion is in such capable, talented hands.

Tatty Devine - Spring/Summer Collection....OOOOooohhhhHHH

Wow...Tatty Devine have produced another fantastic collection. Here are some of my favourite pieces. Above are the earrings from the Honey Bee Wing range - I love their gorgeous shape, they'll hang perfectly. The Disco Honeycomb link bracelet (left) is truly mouthwatering and the rollercoaster necklace says it all...

Saturday 24 February 2007

Skiing was fab...

...great powder, fantastic weather. Lake Tahoe had some amazing snowfalls and some of the best skiing.

San Francisco was its usually wonderful, quirky self...with 20C temps...in February!!

I'll be posting again tomorrow, once the jetlag wears off! (Obviously this photo isn't of me...but we can all dream!)

Wednesday 14 February 2007

No posts for a little while...sorry!

I'm off to California, skiing in Lake Tahoe for a week - so no posts until at least the 24th of February. I'll be spending a few days in San Francisco too, looking out for some blog material - so keep checking back.

Erotokritos - Bubble Hem Dress

Designer fashion "seems" to be getting more affordable. Looking at Net-a-Porter this week, I was surprised by the number of items retailing for less than £200. Now I know that still isn't cheap...but for designer wear it seemed relatively reasonable. I'm loving this bubble hem dress by Erotokritos - the simplicity and the great fabric detail (for £190).

Tuesday 13 February 2007

Opaque Tights - The key to sooo many looks

I just wanted to post about opaque tights. I always mention them when pointing out key fashion pieces and after wearing them myself, I have realised how much they can change and shape a look. These fab tights from Brooklyn Industries, showcase both the coloured and textured varieties. They look amazing with boots and shoes and perfectly accompany a minidress or skirt. Opaque tights - try them, you might like them!