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Sunday 25 February 2007

Short Hair...why are people so afraid of it?

I'm really fed up with reading derogatory articles about the new trend for shorter hair. So many people blog or comment saying "I only hope they've cut their hair for a role and not through a style choice". I think Michelle Williams (the latest cut-ee!) looks amazing. If only I had the face to carry off such a short cut. She looks fresh, clean and young; an image not many in Hollywood can carry off! I recently cut my hair a lot shorter and I can't even count the number of times people have asked me, "do you miss it?" No, it was my hair, not my best friend! Excuse the rant...needed to get it off my chest!


Anonymous said...

I have short hair... and i think it looks pretty damn good

Anonymous said...

yeh i have really short hair too and soo many people (mainly guys) say why did cut you hair, or are u a lesbian or you would look so much better with long hair
all thee people are just close minded people who think that girls should have long blonde pretty hair other wise there not hot or into guys..

Anonymous said...

i have short hair too and i love it, its unique and different. people who cant look past hair arent worth talking to!