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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

100% Design - Takumi's brand of kitsch.

There were lots of innovative fashion finds at the Earl's Court show - one of my favourites were the hairglasses by Takumi (Headbands in the shape of sunglasses). The reason behind this choice, a personal quibble. I am not a fan of sunglasses as a headband and I cannot fully explain why. I often see people struggling to focus in the bright light, while wearing their sunglasses as a hair restraint OR the opposite, winter gloom with sunglasses on head. It's irrational, I know but inexplicably annoying. I think it stems from some stern, over-repeated advice from my childhood optician..."never wear your glasses/sunglasses upon head as it will loosen them, gradually damaging the arms." He said he'd be able to tell if I'd been misusing my eye-wear and would refuse to fix it! So here comes Takumi's design - sunglasses that are not sunglasses but hairglasses. A £10 piece of genius and a solution to my irritation.

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