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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Topshop Luxury - equally appealing.

Topshop also provides an element of luxury with these oversized slouch bags. I didn't really give them a second glance on the website but in store, a fab, fashion expert friend of mine made a beeline towards these holdall size beauties, extolling their virtues. She opened my eyes to their true beauty! The leather is incredibly soft to the touch and the oversized look would compliment any arm! I did that stupid thing, when you try the bag on and take a look at yourself in the mirror! Big mistake - when you see what the bag could look like if it was actually yours, the psychological "want" sets in! At £100 they are a little pricey (especially for me at the moment!) but well worth it when you see the sheer amount of bag you get for your money.

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