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Sunday, 20 January 2008

My Wishlist...does the credit card need an airing?!!

It's the perennial problem...when I have no money, lots of fripperies catch my eye! I am too magpie like for my own good! So to ease my tension and stress over my lack of funds, I have decided to compile a small wish list to exorcise my woe! (Click on above picture to enlarge)

1. Cheap Monday dark, used-wash, skinny jeans from Urban Outifitters.
They do exactly what is says on the tin - they are cheap (£40) and have a great skinny fit.
2. Oversized navy patent clutch from Topshop.
I have been seeking an extra-large clutch for a few weeks now and this one fits the bill perfectly.
3. Exaggerated art-deco pendant from Urban Outfitters.
A complete bargain at only £4 and suits my colour mood of black and gold.
4. Vintage tulip tube dress, also by Urban Outfitters.
I adore the colour, azure blue suits my skin-tone beautifully (transparent alabaster at this time of year...mmm, not so attractive!)
5. Thin gold plait belt, also by Urban Outfitters.
Great for making a loose black dress into an empire line wonder.
6. Ball clip, cross-body bag from Topshop.
Cross body is the new clutch (can't believe I just wrote that!!), plus it would be a great accompaniment to the azure blue dress.

All together we are looking at £150ish...which I think is pretty good for such a versatile bag of goodies. My bank balance however, would not agree! I know £150 isn't exorbitant, especially compared to a designer bag but Christmas and the new year have hurt my chip-and-pin and it would like a rest. Does an old, unused, credit card deserve and airing? We'll have to wait and see!


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