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Saturday, 17 November 2007

E.V.O.D. - Simplicity=Fashion

E.V.O.D. jewellery design is the work of Mandy Wu. Her work is truly eclectic but it is the simplicity of these two brooches that stands out for me. Many moons ago I dabbled in the heights of trolley-dollyism, as a flight attendant. The power of "the badge + uniform" could be quite astounding : passengers would address me by my first name in a bid to break down the boundaries of formality (I fitted the perfect air-hostess stereotype by often reacting with shock, "Have I met you before? Do I know you?" were often among my moronic responses!) Therefore statement badges have always appealed to me. One that confirms its purpose, "Brooch" or gives an insight into your culinary preferences, seem far more attractive than a name. Check out E.V.O.D.'s MySpace for stockists and more details.

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