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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Block - Acrylic designs.

Here's another one from 100% Design...Block, designs in acrylic. My eye was drawn to their very quirky stall, see photos below (click to enlarge); their use of traditional frames, filled with modern, hazy images. Block's website showcases all their acrylic products, as well as stockists. Above is their full colour spectrum and my favourite products - their rings and bracelets. My visit to Block's stall was also my first experience of "trade snobism". At the 100% Design show, you had to wear a badge, stating whether or not you were a trade stockist or "civilian visitor". As a blogger, I was not trade and definitely treated accordingly. When asking for leaflets, stall holders would first, very blatantly check out my badge, before handing whatever was nearby. "Trade" badge holders received a very different level of care, to some extent understandably, as the economic future of the brand rests in their sales. I felt though that some stall-holders should definitely treat all visitors in the same way, as you never know what "power" the civilians may wield (I am not referring to myself here, just other well-respected bloggers in general). Small rant over ;) !

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