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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Mala Brajkovich - Cats and Bats...oh my!

Mala Brajkovich is a designer that I know next to nothing about but photographs of her designs (shown above on Lilac Menace's site), really caught my eye. On further investigation, Google provides very little information on Mala but No-one stocks some fab items. My personal favourite is the Cats and Bats tee (left). If any of you have any more info on Mala, please let me know as an enigmatic fashion designer is a true rarity now-a-days!


Anonymous said...

Mala has a shop called 'Mala Brackovich'...funnily enough...on High Street in Auckland city.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that should be Brajkovich

Anonymous said...

i use to work with mala and sadly her shop is no longer there. she has taken a break. but i think she is returning to the fashion scene soon. cant wait.