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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Ceramic Delight - Nicola Malkin.

Ceramics are somewhat of a fashion enigma...they are cool to the touch, smooth and beautiful, yet impractical and delicate as objects of fashion. I adore this creative spin by Nicola Malkin - oversized ceramic "ornaments" masquerading as quirky jewellery. I was intrigued when I read about her work in The Sunday Times, Style Section...and then was sent an email about her from Things of Random Coolness. Huge, decadent pearls (10 ft in length!), giant studded earrings and below a charm bracelet, with grapefruit sized charms! (See the gallery) There is also a cheeky side to Nicola's designs in the form of these nipple tassels below. They started as "the ultimate expression of feminity" and became beautiful adorning pieces, perfect for any dressing table (definitely not to be worn!). Nicola Malkin - a perfect fusion of interior design and fashion.

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