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Friday, 11 May 2007

Colette - The Alternative Department Store

As those of you that read my blog often will know, I adore Paris. My boyfriend and I visit the beautiful city as often as we can but for some reason the eclectic store that is Colette, has eluded us. We tend to spend our time in Le Marais, but not too far away is the famed Rue Saint-Honoré where the boutique that is the true definition of avant-garde, Colette, is to be found. It's an art gallery, café and restaurant and clothing boutique. Until this week I was unaware that they have an e-store, with a small selection of their quirky gifts. Look who's adorned the wall outside the store, my favourite graffiti artiste, Fafi. The next time we go I shall visit Colette and give you a more extensive report, for now I shall have to be content with the website.

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