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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Polkadot Jewellery - Fab Vintage Pieces.

I adore authentic vintage pieces and feel as if I've stumbled across a little goldmine in the form of Polkadot Jewellery. Above are a selection of brooches, each with individual charm and history. Top right is a Lea Stein brooch, entitled Carmen - it evokes so many visual memories, 80's power dressing, the Mondrian inspired VO5 ads, the Wella haircare logo! Bottom right is a celluloid chariot brooch which dates back to the 1920s - it seems so delicate and detailed. Below are some of the fantastic cuff bracelets on offer. On the left is a 1960's Monochrome cuff, that is retro yet truly modern and would fit in with any of the 60's shift dresses that seem to be everywhere. It may sound cheesy but it just seems so much more special to wear an item with a story behind it..who was it worn by, when, etc. So check out Polkadot for a piece of fashion history.

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