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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Oowww, the sun hurts my eyes...Time for Sunglasses!

Mmmm...sunshine, oops, now I need sunglasses. My priority isn't that they are designer, just that they are stylish. I hate over the top designs, with logos galore, emblazening the arms...urgh! I do love oversized frames and cute colours and understated design. Above are two designer frames, Michael Kors, top left, Tom Ford, top right. I feel these two frames get it just right, each having its own unique element of quirkiness. Michael Kors, with bamboo effect arms, Tom Ford, with the cut out bug-eyed frames. Directly above is my favourite among Urban Outfitters offerings - a stunning pair of hand-painted butterfly sunglasses, with gorgeous lavender fade lenses - I believe they shall be mine! My old faithfuls are picture below - Electric's Vol sunglasses in mint fade. I bought them last summer and they are simple but stylish, wearable and very durable (I have sat on them many times!). Click on the links above to buy sunglasses from Shade Station and Urban Outfitters and here's Electric's website for their full range and stockists.

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