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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Natthakur - A true recycling solution!

I'm feeling very green this Easter and after the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" hype, true recycling solutions have begun to worry me. I found these great 100% reusable bags from Natthakur. They are made from leather but look far more practical, strong and actually usable. Natalie Thakur - the designer behind the range - has made a great range of bags and other accessories, using truly interesting techniques such as the 3D molding below. The difference between these bags and some of the others marketed as reusable, is that I could actually see myself using these bags for the purpose they were intended. It worries me how many plastic carrier bags that I have stored up in the cupboards and despite the schemes the returns supermarkets have in place, I never actually get around to taking advantage of them. Check out Natthakur's website for her great practical range.

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claire said...

also, trendy reusable bag from anya hindmarch!