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Saturday, 10 March 2007

Zara - Simplicity becomes fashion

I had a bit of a freaky day today. This morning I saw this amazing photo (above left) on Face Hunter. I loved the dress sooo much and commented Face Hunter saying how I love the the contrasting colours. Then this afternoon I went into Zara....and there was the dress. Zara make amazing wardrobe staples, I have two Zara winter coats that have lasted me several years, each with a little design quirk that makes them stand out. This image by the Face Hunter illustrates everything I love about Zara - a simple summer dress becomes a fashion must-have by adding a dash of colour and some opaque tights. All this coupled with the girl's integral cool (amazing fro!) and it catches the eye of a stylehunter. Thanks very much to Yvan for letting me use the image - check out Face Hunter for more great global style tips and Zara for their summer collection.

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Candid Cool said...

I quite love Zara too.