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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Mike & Chris - Simply Stunning

The photography on the Mike and Chris site completely intrigues me - its dark grungy undertones are the total antithesis of the usually polished, over-stylised fashion shoots I'm used to seeing. I love the messy hair, the sallow skin...unbelievably edgy. The clothes are stunning especially this beautiful array of jackets, each of which has an off-beat name; Nigel, Conrad, Isaac, Donovan...if possible this makes them even more desirable. I also find it truly endearing that this a husband and wife design team:

After embarking on their much sought after hoodie line, husband and wife design team, Mike Gonzalez and Christine Park-Gonzalez decided to broaden their offering to a full collection.

The duo have created collections that better reflected the art and sub-culture of their roots. Born in Queens, NY, Christine, has always been inspired by the arts while husband Mike pursued a career in fashion photography that eventually took him to New York and Paris. "Mike comes from a long line of artists and as a former photographer, his inherent understanding of how colors and the lines of clothes work really shaped a lot of the designs," says Christine. "We knew that the standard hoodie could be more fashion forward with the right detailing without sacrificing wear ability or comfort". The design duo has managed to meld chic and street, resulting in a line that is both laid back yet put together.

Celebrity endorsements have really boosted Mike & Chris' profile. I have to be honest and say I'd never heard of them until I saw Rachel Bilson in this stunning hooded jacket, right. The jacket covers almost every trend, tulip shape, puffball hem and all with the Mike & Chris signature hood. Check out the Mike & Chris website for stockists and their full range. (Sorry can't direct link to anything specific as it opens in flash.)

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