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Saturday, 3 February 2007

Eksempel - Exemplary Danish Design

Northern European fashion is truly underated - on a global scale. I love the designs by Exsempel and I love the ethos behind their designs;

Ek’sem|pel [I´ksmbl]: Danish word for example,
definition: a single case that illustrates the character as a whole.

“I see the body as an unified whole and the moving body is my inspiration. This is why my designs are made to complement it and why I name it EKSEMPEL...”
(Pernille Winther, Designer)

The philosophy and perception of the body is the basis for the designs. The designs are based on lines and shapes that relate to the whole body, often without a front- and backpiece. Instead, they are designed to cling around the body in an elegant and subtle way so that both clothes and body appear sophisiticated and yet relaxed.

The styles are so slouchy...so relaxed and casual...yet very structured. These winter coats have that quirky edge that all winter coats need; they'll be wardrobe staples for years to come. Check out the Exsempel website for international stockists.

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