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Monday, 22 January 2007

Lie Down I Think I Love You - Boutique Range

Emily Trotter, the designer of Lie Down I Think I Think I Love You bags, sent me a really kind email today. Here are some photos of her future boutique range of bags and I have to say they look fab! Once again Emily's originality shines through - I just love how the bags look so vintage yet so "now". Emily also sent me a little press release blurb about her company:

Lie down I think I love you designed by Emily Trotter.

A backlash to the current ubiquitous mass produced product formed the desire to create accessories which value longevity and individuality over the disposable.

A love of all things vintage has a nostalgic influence on the brand. Each season a ‘make do and mend element’ is worked into the collection. This season is marked by the use of a different vintage self scarf incorporated into the body of the bag. A timeless quality created by croc prints, cream pony and waxed leathers in greens, browns and burnished metallics.

Sourcing leathers and fabrics from local companies, using local craftsmen, creates a ‘made in London’ ethos that is something to be proud of.

This season launches the lie down I think I love you boutique collection. A smaller more exclusive range, which updates colours though-out the season in limited edition runs.
This mission statement makes me want to buy her bags even more (if that's possible!),
Thanks Emily x

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Jessica Virgo, London said...

If you've struggled to find these bags to buy like I did try www.perilla.co.uk where they have a good range and also the woman who runs it will always try and get what you want. I am totally addicted to this designer, the bags are gorgeous.