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Saturday 24 November 2007

ID Magazine appreciation post - Enticing Covers.

Much fuss was made over the recent Cate Blanchett cover of ID magazine but ID has been producing bold, innovative and striking covers for over 20 years. I know a magazine is far more than its cover but ID has consistently produced iconic covers that definitely influence the purchaser's choice. Here are a few of my personal favourites. They aren't all necessarily the brightest or the boldest, just the ones that impacted on me the most. It's strange that among the varied collection here, even Kate Moss' more subtle covers, really stand out.

Twenty8Twelve - Talent behind the hype.

Twenty8Twelve has received publicity largely for its strong celebrity link but I was intrigued to see what Sienna Miller and her sister, Savannah, actually have to offer. Perusing the website it is difficult not to appreciate the obvious elegance of the looks. The photography itself is stunning, with a truly artistic twist; showcasing beautifully many very "on-trend" pieces. Boyish formality is encompassed in the modern, slimline tuxedo. Block colour dazzles beautifully off the olive green wall. I shall reserve true judgement until I observe the pieces in person but I can definitely look beyond the Miller brand.

The Future of Denim - The 18th Amendment.

18th Amendment represents all that is "now" about denim. Their styles sweep the spectrum of all the current trends in denim; from skyscraper high waisted to super-skinny. The inspiration behind the brand has really caught my attention. I cannot rewrite it, or surmise it adequately, so here's a screen-shot from their website (below). Their name seems to mean so much more now.

Future Classics - Layered Envy.

I have always lusted after pieces by Future Classics, they epitomise all that is fashion forward and yet wardrobe essentials at the same time. Layering = edgy to me; Future Classics' designs typify their name. This juxtaposition is summed up perfectly on their website,

Future Classics is..."the mainframe of timeless ‘modern vintage’ clothing where the dialogue between the traditional and the modern, the avant-garde and the conservative is played out."
The photography on the website personifies their design ethos, a true sense of mystery and darkness. See their previous collections and lists of stockists here.

Monday 19 November 2007

Leanimal - Left field wintery fashion.

I adore perusing Foundations Garments Inc. It is a unique site, from which you can trawl through pieces by a plethora of new/up and coming designers. Leanimal by Leanne Marshall, is this month's featured designer and rightly so. I am enthralled by her one off pieces that are truly modular and certainly a visual delight. Her pieces feature abstract threading details, quilting-type patterns, and unusual combinations of fabrics and textures - an eclectic mix that equals near perfection. Take a look at her collection, plus take advantage of the superb dollar exchange rate in the U.K.

Saturday 17 November 2007

E.V.O.D. - Simplicity=Fashion

E.V.O.D. jewellery design is the work of Mandy Wu. Her work is truly eclectic but it is the simplicity of these two brooches that stands out for me. Many moons ago I dabbled in the heights of trolley-dollyism, as a flight attendant. The power of "the badge + uniform" could be quite astounding : passengers would address me by my first name in a bid to break down the boundaries of formality (I fitted the perfect air-hostess stereotype by often reacting with shock, "Have I met you before? Do I know you?" were often among my moronic responses!) Therefore statement badges have always appealed to me. One that confirms its purpose, "Brooch" or gives an insight into your culinary preferences, seem far more attractive than a name. Check out E.V.O.D.'s MySpace for stockists and more details.

Anti Landfill Fashion - suitcases and biscuit boxes get a make-over.

Recycling is very "now" but I love the innovative nature behind these uncommonly beautiful fashion accessories by Kirsty Kirkpatrick. On the left we have the biscuit box graphic wooden and leather necklace and on the right the blue vinyl graphic flower necklace, made from a suitcase! Such interesting raw materials produce such beautifully elegant pieces. Check out the website and be environmentally fashionable.

Sunday 11 November 2007

Ceramic Badges - Another Designboom favourite.

These ceramic badges, by Austrian duo Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler are made from vintage, neglected porcelain plates found on flea markets and in charity shops. The duo then puts a modern day spin on recycling. Selected areas of the plates are carefully cut by hand with a diamond drill, sanded by hand and then glued to a pin. The result, each badge is completely unique. Such a cool idea! Designboom triumphs again.

Every struggle to find kitsch accessories?...

...look no further than Copacetique. These muffin tin earrings are unbelievably cute and kitsch, as is much more of their stock. Copacetique is a veritable hive of all that is cute, so peruse the beauty of their site at your leisure.

Plastic Diamond Rings...every girl should have at least one!

The Designboom shop never fails to disappoint and despite their seeming childish nature, I adore these diamond rings, designed by Amt (alissia melka teichroew). At $10 each, they are sure to be your very best friend.

Freak La Notte - Colourful Spanish Cool.

Freak La Notte's website really caught my eye. Their cute, bright illustrative style translates perfectly into their bags and t-shirts (click on the images above to enlarge). I read about Cris La Notte's innovative work in a fab Spanish trends magazine La Milk, so if you get a chance to read it, your horizons in the Hispanic world of style will definitely be broadened.

Saturday 10 November 2007

Grey is infiltrating my world!

The dawn of winter doesn't normally draw me to the darker side but this year grey seems to be pulling me away from the light. Above are my three "must purchase soon" items. I have added some summer hues to the background, in a feeble bid to make them seem less shadowy. From left to right, the before seen fleck origami skirt by Topshop the orla dress by All Saints and the stud trim bib blouse also by Topshop. So until the weather improves, grey is the colour!

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Something odd happened today...

...I received 10 times my usual amount of visitors! It turns out it that Avant Gaudy have been nominated among the top 25 young entrepreneurs by Business Week and people were drawn to the Random Coolness by this post. Please check out the "gaudiness", as I assure you they truly deserve this nomination.

Interesting Skirtage.

I have been mesmerised by these two skirts this week. On the left, a Foil Fleck Origami Skirt by Topshop. On the right, the Hitch Skirt by All Saints. I adore the draping and interesting shape. I can see them hanging up in my wardrobe already!

Friday 2 November 2007

I am off to be a moll...

...at a fancy dress party in Scotland! Posting will resume next week on my return. I've borrowed a vintage dress from a friend, which is soooo beautiful. If there are any half-decent photographic examples, I shall post them for your viewing pleasure!