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Thursday 30 August 2007

Laundryroom - Style on a washing line.

Laundryroom is a great e-store find. I have posted about the joy of Humanoid clothing before and Laundryroom is one of their UK stockists. They don't have an extensive range but each item they stock is extremely unique and seems almost handpicked. Gaze at the washing line and see the wonders on offer.

Wednesday 29 August 2007

365 on Flickr.

A now popular pastime on Flickr is the 365 portrait a day; whereby the member uploads a self-portrait a day for a year. An interesting concept; in theory it could be a little mundane but very few of them are. A favourite of mine is by Great Danes, as they also let us peep at their reject photos. They seem to capture something new in each photo, making a true fashionable statement each day. Just for fun, type in 365 to the Flickr search, see if you find something you like. (Photos above from Great Danes.)

Tuesday 28 August 2007

Trender Bender - Upload your fashionable finds.

Become your own Facehunter or Sartorialist with Trender Bender. I adore the looks on this site, where you can upload your own street fashion finds and make your own comments. You can trawl through the photos and maybe feel inspired to add some of your own!

Mala Brajkovich - Cats and Bats...oh my!

Mala Brajkovich is a designer that I know next to nothing about but photographs of her designs (shown above on Lilac Menace's site), really caught my eye. On further investigation, Google provides very little information on Mala but No-one stocks some fab items. My personal favourite is the Cats and Bats tee (left). If any of you have any more info on Mala, please let me know as an enigmatic fashion designer is a true rarity now-a-days!

No excuses...life got in the way!

Posts have been extremely "light" of late. I have been having a lot of selfish me time, including visits to zoos, gigs, taking beachy walks, shop and partaking in some countryside enjoyment! I went to see the very fashionably cool Interpol, in the Carling Academy Birmingham; staying in the capsule hotel Nite Nite (check out the link, it really is that little!). The gig was pretty incredible, see my Flikr photos here. So, selfish phase over...blogging can begin!

Sunday 19 August 2007

Helena Hörstedt - Handcrafted genius with maximum visual impact.

The dramatic photography on Helena Hörstedt's site has a stunning visual impact but on further inspection the intricacy of her design is what truly blows you away. All her work is handcrafted to make it "a fascinating visual experience", in the words of the artist herself. I also adore her committment to keep black as the bold colour choice running through her range. Helena Hörstedt has created art through fashion, her work epitomises her uncompromising ethos - a true rarity in the fashion industry.

Sophia Kokosalaki - the beauty is in the detail.

Sophia Kokosalaki's Grecian heritage is hinted at in the gorgeous details of her fall collection. The beautiful folds and draping really set her clothing in a league of its own - I would pay a little more for a truly unique piece of design. See the whole collection here and revel in its beauty.

Friday 17 August 2007

Humanoid - Dutch layering at its best!

Humanoid is a Dutch brand that recently came to my attention in one of my favourite blogs, Street Peeper (pictured in Copenhagen, right). The fab aubergine dress is by the aforementioned Dutch label, that has so much more to offer. I adore the masculine edge to a very feminine range of clothing, a juxtaposition that is very fashion "now". Their site details a list of global stockists and previous seasons that are sure to please the eye.

Tuesday 14 August 2007

Ever wondered where you could find back versions of cool magazines?...

...then look no further than Lady Luck Rules OK. The website is bright, kitsch and very 80's, stocking a great selection of magazines...

...along with several pieces of essential 80's roller skate culture.

Monday 13 August 2007

Preen - Body conscious fashion seems less scary and far more appealing!

The prospect of "body conscious" autumn clothing is very worrying and unforgiving! No unsightly bumps or bulges, no fizzy drinks or big lunches...just more time in the gym (which I don't do by the way!). Preen offer a glimmer of hope. Alongside the clingy, come the "shapely" and "fitted" that seem to involve far less effort! I demonstrate the progression above - clingy...shapely...fitted tied coat, with a touch of oversizing. See more from Preen on Style.com.

Marithe + Francois Girbaud - So cool, it hurts!

French brand Marithe + Francois Girbaud have their finger firmly pressed on the style button. Their Fall '07 collection is a voluminous feast of edgy fashion. There are pockets galore, superfluous layering...it doesn't get much better! The only downside, the lack of MFG stores in the U.K. You can buy their jeans but a trip to France is in order to purchase these delights. Their website is also an aesthetic dream, that simply has to be clicked on.

Friday 10 August 2007

Nike Vintage Running - Spoof Genius!

The 118 118 ads in the U.K. have a lot to answer for! They have spawned a love of all cheesy 70's advertising that Nike have tapped into, producing this superb result! Their re-issue of many 70's classics is championed in this retro ad campaign. The website takes the form of brochure, The Oregon Runner, featuring advice, ads and articles that all harp back to 1977! The spoofing continues with a moustache maker and a caption game! Look at the trainers...don't they seem so much more appealing? The Nike marketing moguls strike gold again!